Latente Bilder

Bastian Schwind

2016 – present

exposed negatives, lightproof packed, various formats, frames behind glas

each 52 x 42 cm

In his photographic series ‘Latente Bilder’ Bastian Schwind identifies and subverts the conventions of photographic vision. The exposed negatives are rapped in a light impermeable foil. The seemingly ‘blank’ images are shown in a latent stage in which pictorial information is captured without being disclosed. The artist plays with the certainty that an image exists outside conventional frames of perception and information exchange. The works become a purely subjective form of interpretation, in which titles guide imagination and associations to visualize the latent scenery. The images thereby transcend their inevitable function as a document, and become part of a mutually constitutive dialogue with the beholder. This might highlight, in general, the individual reality that persists in the automated and objective medium of photography. By reducing content and form to the conceptual idea of visual information, the artworks confront the perceptive habits and normative frames of interpretation. The works thereby challenge the boundaries of our conception of what defines a pictorial information exchange and photography as such.

Text by Victoria Reuss