Photogramm der Photographie

Johannes Raimann


hand made print on fibre based black & white paper

31×28 cm (framed)

In the work “Photogram of Photography” I took a 4×5 inch black and white negative film and laid a mirror with the exact same size on top of it. Then i switched on the light in in the dark room for a few seconds. Now the light comes in through the sides of the mirror and reflects between the film and the mirror. it gehts less towards the middle. The brighter spots in the middle come from microscopic fat traces of my skin in the air. The danders work like glass fiber and conduct the light into the middle of the image. Then I took the negativ film, developed it, and placed it directly on light sensitive baryta paper. The notches on the top left corner give haptic feedback and give an indication of the type of film and its orientation when you handle it in the dark.